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Dear Kancho Alan and Annette,


May this day or evening be one that's brings you new joys and inspiration.


This is just a brief note to say thank you for the E-Card.  We all watched it together and thought it delightful; and both your Little Kickers of this household wanted to convey their words, "Kancho is a kind man, and his wife is a lovely lady" and "Can we say hello?"


At the conclusion of each year, one often thinks of the influence and acts of giving from goodly people.  Thank you for being two of those people and the wondrous acts of kindness that have come forth from you.


At the end of each Little Kickers lesson when the children sit with their eyes closed, and then recite the philosophy; "Be faithful" always makes me think of you first, both of you.  Then I ponder on where I need to apply that in my own life.


May it be that 2015 is a year which increases your happiness and ease in all that you do, for it is a certainty that what you do factually blesses the lives of many.



Respect, regards, and gratitude,