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Kancho Alan Bainbridge, Chief Instructor, 7th Dan

Kancho Alan started training with Wado-Ryu in 1964 for one year. Stopped training to do car racing until 1969. Joined the Karate Union of Great Britain in February 1970 and was with them until emigrating to Australia in 1989, having trained with all the senior masters of the JKA and the KUGB. Has full referee and judging accreditation in 1982. Formed the Australian Shotokan Karate Academy in 1990, inducted into the Australian and World Martial Arts Halls of Fame in 2005, is still a long standing member of the KUGB and regularly meets his mentor, Master Kawasoe, 8th Dan, and Sensei Sherry, 9th Dan Chairman of the KUGB. Alan was told at a black belt course when he was 44 years old: "He trained like a young boy" by the late Master Enoeda, 9th Dan. Alan has over 4 decades of training in karate.


The New Zealand Connection

Master Kawasoe (8th Dan) on his first Australian visit

Australia in the early years

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Trains Like a Young Boy

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Kancho demonstrating self defence moves at 70 years of age