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Julie Lennon, 6th Dan

Started training in 1972 at Wellington, New Zealand. Has won many competitions throughout her karate years in Japan, Spain, England, and New Zealand. Also named Queensland Women's Karate Champion for her age in 1999. Julie has trained with many senior Japanese and New Zealand Senseis. She is a qualified nation referee in New Zealand in 1988 and Australia in 1997. Her family emigrated to Australia in 1996. In 1998 Julie joined ASKA after finding out that ASKA was a hobby based karate school. Also in 1998, she was placed 1st in Kumite in the State championships in Bundaberg. She is a vital and integral part of the ASKA Black Belt team, having being with us for the past 12 years. Her son Kane is also a Black Belt, she says she enjoys training and teaching more than ever and
has a total of 43 years training in the martial arts.

Debbie Eldridge (Nee Beardmore), 5th Dan

Started Training with the ASKA as a hobby, for self defence and for fitness in July 1990; little did she know what the journey would be. She has been kumite and kata champion in many competitions in all different styles all around Australia and was Queensland and Australian State kumite and kata champion five years in a row (now retired from competitions). She has national judge and referee qualifications and is a true leader and is on our grading panel for all student examinations up to 4th Dan. Having been training with our chief instructor in Shotokan Karate for 25 years, she can’t believe her hobby would last so long and enjoys it now just as much as when she first started. Her respect for Kancho Alan and what they have achieved together is a testament to all our seniors who have made their hobby a life long dream of our mentor and chief instructor.

David Lawrie, 5th Dan, A.S.K.A., S.K.I.  

Former Royal New Zealand Navy, David started training in Okinana-Te in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1975 under Shihan Mike Lee before moving to Auckland and training under Kancho Chris Dessa and grading to 2nd Dan. David competed in various tournaments throughout New Zealand gaining some success. After emigrating to Australia in 1990, David joined S.K.I in Perth and gained his 1st Dan at the National Shotokan Week  in 1994, under Shihan Johnathan Kwok. David then moved to Queensland and, with his two sons, started training under Kancho Alan Bainbridge (ASKA) in 1996 where he has been ever since. David is a qualified Referee and Judge, has senior first aid and CPR and has a total of 40 years of training. David loves his hobby and brings a great deal of practical experience to our training sessions having worked in the security industry.

Mikako Naito, 4th Dan

Started training in Tokyo, Japan in 1985 at the JKA Christian University with instructors Baba and Shiina. Moved to the USA in 1989 and trained at several JKA Shotokan clubs in Vermont and New Hampshire. Returned to Japan in 1994, training at the JKA Sakai branch. Emigrated to Australia in late 1995 training with Mr. Karamoto, Sensei Mike Connerly, and at the ASKA passing her 3rd Dan in 2006 and her 4th Dan in 2010. She is a qualified judge and excellent teacher of Shotokan Karate, having 30 years experience in Shotokan. See her letter of recommendation here. Letter of Recommendation

Jack Harbour, 3rd Dan

Inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the desire to stop bullies stealing his lunch, Jack started training with Kancho Alan Bainbridge in 1999 at age 5. His progress was slow at first, but persistence paid off within a couple of years when he won his first of many trophies.  He attained his 1st Dan Black Belt at age 12, and is currently a 3rd Dan, and has qualified as a Judge.  Jack enjoys karate and is committed to learning martial arts for life - so Kancho's hobby, is his hobby! Jack received a long standing members certificate for 15 years from Kancho Alan in December 2014

Mohaned El-Gubbi, 3nd Dan

Mo, as we call him, came from Dubai in 2007 and was already a 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate. After looking around at clubs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast he finally found ASKA Karate Hobby Group, so came along to have one lesson and has been hooked ever since. Not only by having a leader and mentor like Kancho Alan Bainbridge, he also liked that the Hobby Group is helping people less fortunate then themselves by supporting so many charities in Australia and abroad. Mo  has been Australasian Kumite and All Styles Kumite Champion but actually loves the basics and Bunkai applications of karate probably more. Mo is a true Karateka, willing to help anyone.

Steve Richardson, 2nd Dan

Steve’s hobby has led him to be an integral part of our Little Kickers teaching program and has been Awarded the Annual ASKA Best Senior Student on many Occasions and is a highly respected Karate-ka and a fully trained Judge. He started out in the UK doing Judo and then Wado Ryu Karate while in the forces. A former British Commando and Paratrooper who sailed single handed to the UK on a small yacht. Steve and his two sons have all been training with Kancho and ASKA since early 2005. Steve is also on the grading panel of all our Little Kickers. Steve was presented with a long standing members certificate of 10 years on December 11th 2015

Samela Hodzic, 2nd Dan

Sanny or Sammy as a lot of us know her by, used to train in Karate as a young 7 year old girl and gained Junior Black Belt in her native homeland of Bosnia at the age of 16. She emigrated to Australia in 2001, is married and has three beautiful children, two of which now train train along side of us at the ASKA Karate Hobby Group. Samela’s hobby has led her to be a true Champion winning or placing in every single competition she has entered in Kumite and Kata with the ASKA. Samela has been a valuable asset along with Sensei Steve and Jack Hinkins as Senior Students helping with the Little Kickers class at Labrador and last year she was promoted onto the Grading Panel for all the Little Kickers grading's. She loves that the ASKA and the Chief Instructor/Mentor encourages all nationalities from all over the world no matter what colour or creed to be able to train as one without any bias towards others.

Jack Hinkins, 2nd Dan

Jack started training in our Little Kickers class at Labrador at the tender age of 4 years old, along with his brother and father who are also Black Belts. At first he found it quite hard going but has diligently persevered to be a great 2nd Dan Black Belt who leads by example by not only helping at the same class he started in, but is willing to help any younger or older student who asks him for help. He received his 10 Years Long Standing Members Certificate from Kancho Alan in December 2014. His hobby has led him to excel in other sports and he has won many Karate titles in Kumite and Kata. Still only 15 years old, he is the kind of young man any parent would be proud of.

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Other visiting Instructors you may meet within the academy

Mark Vernon, 5th Dan, A.S.K.A. - J.S.K.A., J.K.A.

Sean Flannagan, 4th Dan, A.S.K.A.

Hans Cheung, 4th Dan, A.S.K.A

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