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Free Membership

Absolutely free membership! Yes it's true, and we don't ask you later to pay when you or your family train with the A.S.K.A. But you will need insurance which we arrange for a small yearly fee.

"Why should you pay for membership?"

No Joining Fees

We don't expect you to pay to join us. It is our pleasure to have you or your family coming to any of our dojo's (training halls). But you will need insurance which we arrange for a small yearly fee.

"We don't need you to pay to join us!"

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No Contracts

With any of the A.S.K.A. karate clubs you will not be on any kind of contract. So you are free to move on without any penalties should you wish to.

"Check your club!"

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No Monthly Fees

At our academies we only charge you and your family members a weekly fee. That way if you are off sick, injured, or on holiday you are not being penalised for something you are not receiving.


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Full Insurance

All our students must have insurance for player accident and public liability. This is provided by The A.S.K.A. for a small yearly fee through W.W.S.I./SPORTSCOVER Pty. Ltd.

"You get the cover without breaking a bank!"

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Special Little Kickers

The Little Kicker classes are for children from 3 years - 7 years. A uniform is not required straight away at any of our classes. We teach these "little kickers"?stranger danger, anti-bullying, discipline, self-confidence, self-defence and the art of Shotokan Karate as seen on TV and newspaper articles.

"You will see the difference in your children!"

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Junior and Seniors

These classes are for boys, girls, ladies and men from any age or grade. The A.S.K.A. have produced many outstanding students and champions at all levels.

"True Champions"

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Training Sessions

Little Kickers Classes: 1 Full hour per lesson.

Juniors and Seniors (Gold Coast): 1 and a half to 2 hours per lesson.

Each student can train at all their classes for the same weekly money.

"Yes for the same weekly money!"

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Class Times

"That's a bonus plenty of hours for that same money!"

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Labrador Senior Citizens Hall

Frank Street, opposite the Grand Hotel Resort and Charis Seafoods.

Reedy Creek

Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall

Bridgeman Drive, Reedy Creek, just off the Pacific Highway.

"Location, location, location!"

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7th Dan Instructor

Most of our classes on the Gold Coast are overseen by our chief instructor 7th Dan Black Belt Alan Bainbridge, or one of our senior 2nd to 6th Dan instructors.

You will always have a fully qualified black belt instructor at your class as the head instructor, not someone who just wears a belt and says they are like some clubs do.

Our other instructors have between them a total of over 150 years martial arts experience.

"There's some good news!"

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Queensland Blue Card Government Accreditation

Instructors at The A.S.K.A. have a suitability blue card for the commission for children and young people. So you know if you leave your child or children they are in safe hands.

"Don't risk your kids to just anyone!"

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First Aid Qualifications

Our senior instructors have First Aid Qualifications and one is a registered nurse. Another is even training to be a doctor so your care while training or in competitions are paramount.

"Does your instructor qualify?"

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Your gradings will be done at a reasonable and structural level ascertaining to each individual student. If you have already been graded by another club or association we will not take your level of achievement away from you. We will endeavour to help you reach your next level and grade with us.

All gradings and accreditation is done by our 7th Dan Black Belt chief instructor Alan Bainbridge and his team of senior Black Belts.

"You don't have to be Bruce Lee!"

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Not everyone likes to enter competitions, as karate is also an art and students train for many reasons: for fitness, self-defence, or the art itself.

We at The A.S.K.A. encourage you to compete only if you so wish. Competitions however do help you see where you are at different levels. But we think your main competition is trying to get better at what you do each week in the dojo.

As long as you keep training, you are the trophy.

"You are the trophy!"

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Can you be a Judge or Referee?

The A.S.K.A. have many judges and referees who have been trained and guided to a very high standard through our special seminars and are sought after by other organisations for their competitions.

After you have attained your brown belt, you may apply to become a qualified judge or referee. These seminars take several weeks of practical and theory work on all aspects of competitions.

"Hard but worth it!"

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Little Kickers

Monday 6pm - 7pm

Reedy Creek

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm


Juniors and Seniors

Monday 7pm - 9pm

Reedy Creek

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm


Thursday 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Plus any other special training

Sponsors of children at World Vision, Plan 13, Queensland Cancer Research Council, Ovarian Cancer Research, Multiple Sclerosis Research, Breast Cancer Research,
5 Seeing Eye Dogs and other charities.

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