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Just some of the charities we have and do support

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Just some of the charities we have and do support







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Dear Australian Shotokan Karate Academy,

It's been two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and only a few days since you donated, thank you. With UNICEF pushing through roads choked with debris to more remote areas, the number of people affected by this extraordinary disaster continues to grow.

Your quick response to the immediate needs of the Philippine people has resulted in us being able to deliver emergency supplies to where they're needed most and continue our assessment of the needs in townships and villages we're now able to access.

Here's a snapshot of what we have achieved in two weeks, with your help:

We've distributed 2000 emergency hygiene kits of soap, a bucket for storing water and personal hygiene supplies.

We've installed giant water bladders providing 25,000 litres of safe, clean drinking water each day to 8000 people in Tacloban.

We've installed portable toilets where facilities were washed away.

We're inside refuges and shelters talking to mothers of young children about how to protect their children from disease.

We're working with Government to show people how to avoid dirty water supplies and steer clear from the growing threat of disease.

We're creating safe places for children who need to play and learn - caring for those with parents working on the rebuilding efforts and those who have been separated from their families amid the disaster

We're moving more staff into the affected areas; health staff, education and child protection support and staff working to restore clean water, toilets and distribute hygiene supplies.

There's much to be proud of and, despite the challenges, UNICEF is there, thanks to you. I hope you can feel you have made a difference.

Yours sincerely,

Norman Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer, UNICEF Australia

PS: Just to show how much of a difference you've made, I wanted to share this short video captured by our staff, of children using water supplies we've turned on this week. This small improvement has brought laughter and play back to the Philippines.



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