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The purpose behind the academy formed by Alan Bainbridge was to give as many people from all walks of life a place to learn at a nominal cost the Shotokan Karate skills and values that the art has given him. By forming the academy Alan could also carry on giving like he used to in England, by not only supporting his students, but also to many charities, people and organizations feels may need helping.

Not only do the members of the academy can train without paying any membership fees, or worry about any joining fees and contracts, they also know they are helping people less fortunate than themselves. The academy also sponsors five children in Africa every month through World Vision, Plan 13 and Queensland Cancer Research Council and has been instrumental in helping other charities including:

His members and their families are also well catered for each and every year; Alan donates his time and energy by providing the means and transportation to attend competitions when the need arises with no costs to anyone. There are also free training sessions in the park and beach for all students. At Christmas we have a special presentation night and party recognising all our students for their efforts throughout the year. He also gives free seminars to the neighbourhood watch, free self defence lessons at local hotels for late night workers and free seminars for judging, referees and table officials.

Alan has been nominated by so many different associations for his volunteering work and helping people in England and Australia that we at the academy are proud to have him as our chief instructor. Although our academy is not big we are pleased to have someone who not only knows so much about Karate, but one who is determined to carry his endless dream to help all people no matter who they are, without monetary gain.

So his hobby can be your hobby.

Julie Lennon.
Academy Secretary.

Sponsors of children at World Vision, Plan 13, Queensland Cancer Research Council, Ovarian Cancer Research, Multiple Sclerosis Research, Breast Cancer Research,
5 Seeing Eye Dogs and other charities.

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